In the rush between gift-giving, decorating, and cooking, Christmas can come and go before we know it. But to stop for just a moment and turn our attention to the promise that Christmas offers can transform the way we experience this season. That’s why we celebrate Advent — to focus on the hope, peace, joy, and love offered to us because God sent his Son, Jesus, to Earth. This four-week series will help you discover the deeper meaning of Christmas and how to live in hope and expectation of what Jesus is going to do your life.

聖誕節可以來來往往,暫時停下來,將我們的注意力轉移到聖誕節所提供的承諾可以改變我們這個季節的體驗方式上。 這就是我們慶祝降臨節的原因-專注於上帝所賜給我們的希望,和平,歡樂和愛,因為上帝將他的兒子耶穌降世了。 這個為期四個星期的系列文章將幫助您發現聖誕節的更深層含義,以及如何過著對耶穌將要過的生活充滿希望和期望的生活。

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