Wedding at Saddleback Hong Kong 

We are excited that you are considering Saddleback Hong Kong's beautiful venue for your special day. We are committed to working with you to see that your wedding is pleasing to God, memorable and personal. May God continue to bless you as you look to Him for guidance regarding this important event. 

Believing that marriage is a holy and sacred gift from God, it is our desire that couples approach marriage according to biblical standards, and in a way that is pleasing to God. You must meet the following requirements to host your wedding ceremony at Saddleback Hong Kong:

  • Must be a member of Saddleback Church 
  • Be equally yoked, both having a committed relationship to Christ 
  • Not be sexually intimate 
  • Not living together 
  • Successful completion of our Premarital Counseling program or a Saddleback approved premarital counseling program.  


  • You must have already been in for your premarital counseling interview before we can book your wedding date 
  • A Saddleback Pastor must perform your wedding ceremony Saddleback Church Hong Kong is an alcohol-free venue 
  • The application should be submitted 6 months ahead of time and no longer than 12 months ahead 

If you have any questions or are interested in more information about hosting your wedding ceremony at Saddleback Hong Kong please send an email to our Church office [email protected] or WhatsApp us at 57410040.




  • 必須為馬鞍峰教會會友
  • 同負一軛,雙方都經已委身於基督
  • 沒有性接觸
  • 沒有同居
  • 完成我們的婚前輔導,或是經馬鞍峰教會認可的婚前輔導


  • 在我們確認你的婚禮日期之前,你必須經已完成你的婚前輔導面談
  • 婚禮必須由馬鞍峰教會的牧師主領
  • 馬鞍峰香港教會內禁止飲用含酒精的飲料
  • 請於婚禮日期前 6 至 12 個月提交申請表

若你有任何疑問,或希望索取更多有關在馬鞍峰教會籌備婚禮的資料,請電郵至教會辦公室 [email protected] 或WhatsApp 57410040 查詢。